Sung Nghiem Zen Center was founded by Venerable Thanh Tinh Lien (Thich Nu Chan Thien) with a vow of disseminating the marvelous Dharma of the Buddha.

This profound Dharma is the Way of enlightenment and liberation of all beings from delusion, suffering, misery, and endless reincarnation in order to penetrate the Buddha's wisdom.


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Poetry Recitation and Singing: A way of Dharma Transmission

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The old saying: “Sutras are the Buddha's words, Zen is the Buddha's mind.” We all have the Buddha's mind but because of limitless deluded thoughts and attachments filled with greed and disturbances encompass and obstruct our true mind.

For instance, if we don't have deluded thoughts, then we would realize that our true mind has always been automatically contemplating, purifying and emanating.

There are those initiate a mind of clinging to equanimity and, thus, create the deluded thought of “equanimity”. In essence, the deluded thought never has an origin.



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